Composites were key in profitability in our commercial herd. So bulls that are Lim-flex, Beefmaster, Guzérat or Charolais were interchangeably selected for the added benefits of heterosis to be had from their crosses.



It’s no secret that Boers goats are the meat machine. Now, imagine that meat making capability combined with the hardiness of a Kiko-influenced F1 buck. That’s all we are committed to producing at this farm. Anything else is then officially regarded as commercial meat banks for harvest within 12 months of age. The goats are on a moderate energy ration that maximizes growth with sufficient levels of protein (>12%) and still retains enough energy to be stored as fat.



Presa Canario is a very dangerous dog if it is not trained well. It’s a good pet for those who have already had experience with dogs. This breed is aggressive and can kill. However it can be very useful when if kept on farms, the serve the purpose of catch dogs really well. They drive the cattle and serve as security for them against other unfamiliar animals on the farm. In many countries it is an outlawed dog, however, it is not less than a security force and constant guard to its master. The maintenance of the dog is not very cheap especially when they are puppies. Their puppies need food 2-3 times a day. Adult Presa Canario also has a taste for fruits, cottage cheese, cooked eggs and vegetables. To keep this breed clean it is necessary to brush they regularly in order to keep them clean from ticks as well as hair shedding, however, they require bath only few times in a year. They like to sleep in the quiet areas of the house or farms usually looking for a comfortable spot.)



I believe papers are important! I also believe papers are only as important as the breeder behind those papers. Credibility is lost behinds this understanding of the fundamentals of breeding canines. The dog’s first! Then his or her job’s second! That’s ‘Mamiasway’! We currently select for good temperament with a focused on controlled impulsive behaviors on the farms.