ZN Farms is home to a progressive genomic program that’s governed solely on profitability. Profitability that starts from the pasture-raised cows milking spring calves to those steers fed to excellence for a tasteful meal that requisites some umami.

We believe in producing livestock in a hygienic environment which favors the most productive outcomes from the kennels to the herd. I would challenge any visitor or returning customer to a field day to observe our hygiene practices at the barn or kennels.

ZN Farms was initially crafted around a small homestead op that focused on profitability in the herd kept at the homestead for Ag-exempt purposes. Not to mention the benefits of security that our K-9 companions bring to the farm. These activities include but are not limited to: – ranching, farming, hunting, swimming, obedience and training revolved around the farm, and various extra talents yet to be seen on the net.

It is our utmost priority to produce livestock products in hygienic environment. We at ZN Farms maintain that health is an important factor whether it’s a human or an animal. For this purpose, our animals are raised in both pastures and feed-lot environments without any usage of antibiotics and/or injected hormones. The cows roam freely and replenish the ecosystem with minimal support. Our major concern is the health of our animals , we take it very earnestly. That is one reason our animals are timely vaccinated in order to ward off disease.
We make sure that that hygiene is maintained at all levels so the animals can comfortably breed and prosper on our farms. The animals enjoy physical comfort, hygienically prepared food, a clean water supply, security, and abundance of nature’s green pastures which are well-kept.

The natural growth of our animals assures that our produce is healthy and organic. The products have high quality protein and are low in poly saturated fats. If you are health conscious who’s looking for organic products ZN Farms is the right choice for you.

It’s a matter of pride for us that we breed registered Beef-masters, Lim-flex into our primarily Hereford and Brangus-based herd. This keeps us motivated and focused in our mission of producing pasture raised beef to feed the local communities surrounding us. Come visit us to enjoy the lush green pastures and experience the balance of harmony at ZN Farms.